Photographer . Traveler . Wannabe.

I am an Italian video maker and photographer, currently employed by United Nations.

I initially specialised as TV camera operator, but then I changed my path, moving towards documentary and cinematic short films. Photography is a “subsequent” passion, due to its more independent and “portable” nature.
After all the efforts, passion and time I poured onto video making and photography, I thought the day came by to share my work with a broader audience.

My video portfolio is not very “rich” right now, because I have been producing videos for United Nations in the last few years. This kept me quite busy elsewhere. The COVID situation, though, pushed me back here, with a handful of ideas. And a goal: turning travel videos into a way of life. So stay tuned! You can help me achieve this goal by subscribing to my YouTube channel and by sharing my videos… if you like what you see. I am currently digging deeper into sound design and color grading… and it’s mind-blowing!

Travel photography is what fits and feeds my soul. When I am in a new place nothing else can make me feel as fulfilled and peaceful as exploring its soul and absorbing its witness.
Nevertheless, I also enjoy studio photography, particularly (portraiture and glamour).