Photographer . Traveler . Wannabe.

I am an Italian professional video maker, working for United Nations and passionate photographer.
This space is entirely dedicated to photography: not my main activity, but my main interest.

After few years spent investing efforts, passion and time on photography, I have thought the day came by to showcase my photographic galleries and to share my travel experiences with a wider audience.

Writing is an old and never thoroughly explored passion of mine, now I know where I can practice and store my free thoughts.
When I started this project and I decided the website would be in English I probably didn’t yet get the complexity of the whole thing. But here I am now. Writing in English can be challenging, stressing and frustrating some times, but also a good way for improving my knowledge of the language.

So please be indulgent with my English, it’s not my first language.
Maybe one day this site will also come in an Italian version. Maybe.

I firmly believe in the saying: “to each his job”. I stubbornly also believe specialisation is the way to excellence.
Travel photography is what fits and feeds my soul. When I am in a new place nothing else can make me feel as fulfilled and peaceful as “breathing” its atmosphere, its essence through my camera (also).
Nevertheless, maybe due to my background in the video making field, artificial lighting (or should we call it light design?) is a creative temptation I can’t and won’t fight back.
Furthermore, maybe due to my background in the manly field, charm, elegance and womanly, primal, inner beauty, are all features I am drawn to portraying.