M’s details

This ongoing project developed during the first years of a baby’s life, in Europe.

The smallest of details of this little creature’s body contained such a perfect and unspoiled beauty.

When I am around a young life, I often find myself overthinking about the meaning of innocence and, as remote and misleading that concept may be, as skeptical and wary I am towards mankind, I can’t help it but question that soul.

The outcome is an overlapping refrain in my head: no hint of malice or meanness is quartered in it.

So I then find myself wondering whether from that chest may rise, one day, the antidote to cure us all from the poverty troubling our species.

Where does the seed of the cancer which eventually corrupts our souls come from?

When exactly is it implanted in the clean soil laying underneath our flaws?

Is that soil actually that clean and pure?


Lost in such gloomy thinking, when I open my eyes I repeat to myself that, right there, right then, there is just a pure soul in front of me.

And in that very moment I realize what a gift it is.


Maybe there is a beast… maybe it’s only us“.

– William Golding, Lord of the flies.