This is something completely new in my portfolio, but stay tuned, more will follow.

  • Emily
    If she could, she would hug every living creature.
    Silently and constantly, her eyes shape up the world in a different way.
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  • "Scaminanti"
    Back to our childhood, in the Southern Italian town where I was born, when we disappeared from home, or we got back late for dinner, or we simply showed an early adventurous, free, roaming spirit, our moms used to call us this way: SCAMINÀNTI (in English you may spell it SKA-ME-NUN-TEE). It’s one of those words the Italian language left behind, orphaned. Maybe a photograph was necessary to translate it. Never stop looking beyond. The world is a weird philosophical concept: the more you explore it, the more it expands.
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  • Elisabeth
    There are beautiful eyes in which to get lost and beautiful eyes in which to find yourself. If they coincide it's love.
  • Emily
    PORTRAITURE 1st LESSON. Sometimes they ask me to host photography courses, but I always end up looking at my Instagram feed and finding there so many amazing photographers I wish I could learn from, that, eventually, it discourages me. Anyway, since they insisted, here is my first lesson of “easy portraiture”: 1) Get a flash light; 2) Find a simple light diffusion tool; 3) Find beauty; 4) Let beauty do the job for you.