PANAMA – San Blas

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  • Kuna woman
  • Shipwreck in San Blas
  • Milky Way and palms
  • New travel buddies
    New trip, new adventures, new friends. Just a sunset on one of the many islands of San Blas.
  • Low tide in San Blas
    Woman dragging her boat and her son through a shoal in a moment of peace and relax.
  • Atoll
    Why when we think of paradise the image crossing our head is that of a desert island surrounded by crystal clear waters, a hammock and a bunch of palm trees pointing at the sky? Hard to say, but can you imagine how big this paradise can be in a 365 islands archipelago?
  • On the way to San Blas
  • Bending palm
  • Traditional Guna family
    This is the Guna family that hosted me during the last days I spent in San Blas. The old woman is the matriarch; Guna society is based on a matrilinear system: the groom becomes part of the bride's family and takes her last name as well. It has been somehow rewarding seeing their initially austere faces melt down in shy smiles at first and then in kind offers.
  • Ogo Puki
    Ogo Puki (coconut island) in an early morning shot.
  • Sunset in San Blas
  • Kuna child
  • Mom and son
    Staring from a boat at this mom playing with her son gave me such a sense of harmony, peace, joy and unspoiled beauty. Right then, right there they were alone and cheerful.