This is a selection of my portrait photography.
Some (most) of these photos were already in previous albums, but still I felt I had to create a dedicated space for portraiture, which is a genre I love.
I define a portrait a photo where the subject fills entirely the frame and in which there is sort of a set-up: the subject is posing or is aware she/he’s being photographed. Therefore, candid shots have been excluded from this album (more or less).

  • HANG.
    As close as possible to an angel. Luang Prabang (LAOS)
  • Kuna woman
  • As cute as it gets
  • Bishan, Nepalese climber.
    Bishan Lama and his good friend Bijaya (a guide) used to call me “Solti”. I saw Bishan for the first time at the end of a painful day, after a 17 km trek on the Manaslu Circuit (Nepal). I had just realised my backpack, also due to the photographic equipment, was too heavy and it was pulling me down. I was afraid I would not make it to the end of the circuit. Bishan was carrying a 30 kg bag, weighing entirely on his forehead (the Nepalese way). From that moment on, he became to me the symbol of this people’s strength. One day, during a break, I asked him if the Larke Pass was going to be tough. He replied something in Nepalese and his colleagues laughed, then one of them told me “He said: don’t worry, I will be with you”. Bishan is a climber, he wants to become a professional climber. “Solti” means friend.
    South American meltin' pot
  • A tailor with his trustworthy "Singer"
  • One of those smiles...
    I met this Nepalese woman as I was walking down from the Lho monastery. She was picking up pieces of wood, I am not sure for the monks or for herself. Her smile immediately caught my attention.
  • Patrick
    Patrick, one of those photos I have been wanting to edit for way too long. Here it is now 💪
  • Little girl in Lafiabougou
    She is one of the beautiful children supported by @bambini.nel.deserto in Lafiabougou (Bamako). Thanks to the donations they collect, these children are granted sustenance and scholarship. Their eldest siblings and few women from the neighbourhood take care of the smallest ones.
  • Maku
  • Young man in Bamako.
  • CARO
    «What makes the desert beautiful,' said the little prince, 'is that somewhere it hides a well…». - Antoine de Saint Exupéry, (The Little Prince) -
  • Malian child
  • H'mong young woman
  • Katia
    Unspoilable Beauty. Brindisi (ITALY)
  • Jemimah in Monopoli
    "A smile is a curve that sets everything straight". *Phyllis Diller
  • Bamoussa
    Bamoussa, 88 yo. Farmer. He lives with his second wife and his two last children (10 and 14 yo), after losing his first family (seven children and wife) before, and 4 more children after. They all live in a 3 sqm room in the San Fils neighbourhood, along the Niger River, with neither drinking water nor electricity. They also beg to get by. @briciolesyncretiche , thanks to its project “ABC – #abookforachild” and to its volunteers, managed to provide them with: scholarship for the kids, periodic food supply, all the necessary for a tobacco and dry fruit stand in front of their house. Furthermore, right few days ago, @briciolesyncretiche helped Bamoussa succesfully undergo a cataract surgical intervention for both eyes. The Grand Vieux can now finally walk on his own. But it’s not enough. I’ve had the chance to spend some time with @briciolesyncretiche in Bamako, witnessing what they do on the field and the devotion they pour into it. All I’m left to say is… thank you @briciolesyncretiche
  • Encounters
    Yesica is from Barranquilla but she lives in Cartagena. This photo was taken in Plaza de la Trinidad, in Cartagena, in the “Barrio Getsemani”.
  • Bored and romantic
  • HOI AN - "Trieu Chau Assembly Hall" keeper.
    This man is the keeper of the "Trieu Chau Assembly Hall" in the Old Town. In Hoi An there are important monuments, pagodas and palaces built by Chinese and Japanese merchants. The keeper was really quiet and observed me silently, with an apparently strict gaze, until he called me and brought me to see and photograph some important piece of carpentry the palace is famous for. Then he pointed the finger at some of the decorations of the entrance gate. I couldn't understand what he said, but I figured he was telling me (like to a child) something like: "come with me, this is what you should be photographing... my goodness".
  • Jemimah, composited.
  • Mariantonietta
    Rhythm&passion. ITALY
  • Young H'Mong girl
    Innocent Sins. ITALY.
  • Hang
    Hang is the receptionist of the "Sieng Khaen Lao" guesthouse where I've spent my last night in Luang Prabang (Laos). When I saw her at breakfast time, serving people through that window, I couldn't help it but ask her to let me take a photo. She said yes.
  • Don't waste water
  • Katia
    Unspoilable Beauty. Brindisi (ITALY)
  • Federica
  • Cua, H'Mong woman in Che Tao
  • Mariantonietta
    Rhythm&passion. ITALY
  • Where there is no vision, there is no hope.
    Innocent Sins. ITALY.
  • Marianna
    Shot in Matera, ITALY
  • She followed us shyly and discretely
  • Mu Cang Chai - Woman in traditional clothes and with blackened teeth
  • IMG_0533_FINAL
  • 7K8B2233
  • Hang
  • Mu Cang Chiai - A funny young man